Monday, July 8, 2013

News Snapshot

Sorry for the late News Snapshot, I had bad Intel about a story that was supposed to come out yesterday, so I wanted to wait before releasing this week’s News Snapshot. So here we go:

·         Christian Bale has confirmed that he will not return for the role of Batman in the new DCCU. In fact, he hasn’t even been approached by Warner Bros. for the role. Is this a loss for the DCCU or are you looking forward to having a new Batman on screen?

·        Don Mattrick has left Microsoft! Now there are rumors flying around that he was fired, but regardless he is no longer the President of Entertainment for Microsoft. He will now serve as the CEO of Zynga. I know I’m happy about his departure because of all the blunders he has caused Microsoft with the Xbox One, but are you?

·         A Black Panther movie is in the works, or at least it should be as Marvel’s Stan Lee has dropped hints about the movie being in the development process.

·         Guillermo Del Toro wants his Justice League Dark film, titled Dark Universe, to fit in the same universe as Man of Steel. If that’s the case, than there will be two Justice League films in the same cinematic universe set to release within the next few years. And with Justice League and Justice Dark clawing their way out of development hell, a DC fanboy such as myself, could only hope that Warner Bros. will give us a Justice League of America film as well, so that we could eventual have a Trinity Wars crossover movie event. 

·         Speaking of DC’s Trinity War event, Trinity of Sin: Pandora, a new DC title, was released last week and is a must read if you are the slightest bit interested in DC’s big summer crossover event.

That’s this week’s News Snapshot, leave your comments down below, and thank you for your patience.