Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Microsoft Admits that they @#$%ed Up

You can imagine my surprise as I was scrolling down Facebook and noticed an article discussing how the Xbox One had forgone another inverse in its policies.  Microsoft did the unthinkable and actually put gamers first, or so they say. Apparently all of the backlash that they garnered from their terrible E3 release made it back to them, and they listened. After a series of middle fingers that were given to the Xbox One Facebook page and thousands of posts all over the internet damning the console to the ninth circle of hell, Microsoft executives made the smartest decision that they have made since the initial conception of the console and that was to not only remove the always online and 24 hour check-in requirements, but also to remove the used game draconian doctrines that had gamers bashing the mere mention of Microsoft or its new offspring. The executives exclaim that the Xbox One will allow you to play games just like you do now on your 360. While this is great news for the company and their retailers, is it good news for us gamers? As a game, I find it very hard to believe that they thought all these new policies were going to fly within the world of gaming, and that gamers were going to chose a system that is basically punishing them for the sins of a few, over a system that rewards its loyal fan base with freedom. Microsoft now want us to believe that they put gamers first, but if they had done that from the very start they may have avoid this whole fiasco and the Xbox One would have been the real show stealer of E3. So what do you think? Do you think it is good that Microsoft is actually listening to its fan base so late in the game? Are you more inclined to buy a Xbox One or has the damage already been done? Finally, do you think the Xbox One would have been better received if it had never adopted gamer hating policies that start this whole controversy in the first place?


  1. The Green LentilJune 20, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    I think it depends which type of gamer you are as well as which resources you have. The xbone was pushing for an experience ahead of its time, to say the least. While most gamers enjoyed the idea of family sharing, and the new posibilities that could come from the 24hr checking, their delivery on e3 was poor. It was insensitive and delivered to a provilaged audience. I believe the commentator 'comtar' in the comments of the link below shares and explains my views nicely.

  2. That is very true. I just recently read an article that revealed that Microsoft had to remove their family sharing option in order to remove the DRM and 24 check-in policies. So I wonder how that will affect the public's opinion of console, as well as the fact that many people have pre-ordered one already and it is sold out at Game-Stops across the country. I wonder if people will change their minds about purchasing it knowing that they will lose this feature.