Thursday, June 20, 2013

the Suicide Squad Proposal

A few posts ago I discussed DC and Marvel’s plans for the small screen, and now I have decided that I wanted to make my own recommendations for shows that I would love to see on television.  And the Suicide Squad was the first thing that popped into my head. The Suicide Squad is a team of B and C list Super villains who are inmates at Belle Reve Penitentiary that the U.S. government has deemed useful. The team is essentially a super-villain Black Ops group who the government has blackmailed and threatened into serving their country.  They are led by government Agent Amanda Waller a.k.a. “The Wall” who gives the group their assignments and keeps them in check on their missions.  The suicide Squad could work perfectly for a DC Televised Universe that coexist with the CW’s Arrow because the suicide squad can easily be cast by super-powerless villains which would help maintaining the realism that Arrow prides itself on.  As for the cast, you have to have the team’s field leader the assassin Deadshot, who has already made several appearances on Arrow. The calculating Clock King is known or his strategic planning and the show could benefit from having a calm and collected member who is forced to work with spontaneous and irrational teammates. Plastique, the bombs and weapons expert could be part of the teams muscle. And speaking of muscle Captain Boomerang, who is known for constantly bickering and disobeying Deadshots’ orders could do wonders for the show and provide us with some comic relief. With this cast the show would not have to worry about spending a huge portion of its budget on low end CGI, a problem Smallville faced, and it could focus its budget on other things such as actors or locations. The focus of the Suicide Squad should be how these different characters struggle to achieve their tasks working with one another, as well as the problems they face being pawns of the government. The Suicide Squad should also be about how the United States’ deals with domestic terrorism in the DC universe.  An obviously this show should be on the CW, so that it make a plethora of references to Arrow, and hell maybe we could even see a crossover event. I think the suicide squad has the potential to be one of DC entertainments greatest hits if it is down well and sticks to the realism that has made Arrow successful. So what do you think? Do you think the Suicide Squad has the potentially to shine on network television or is there another show you would love to see DC Entertainment develop that co-mingles with Arrow? Do want the Suicide Squad to be realist or would you prefer to have the show relate more to its comic counterpart?  Finally, which super-villains would you like to see as part of the team? Leave your comments down below. And look for my other recommendations in the future.

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