Friday, June 28, 2013

News Snapshot

I have to apologize for my lack of posts this week, I have been extremely busy, but I do have several posts in the drafting stage so lookout for them soon. And now here is this week’s News Snapshot:
      There were rumors floating around about Doomsday joining the cast of Man of Steel 2, but has that idea been dropped already? Snyder has revealed that the main antagonist of MOS2 will in fact be Lex Luthor, with his choice of actor being Mark Strong. Does this mean that Doomsday will not show up in MOS2, or will the movie have more than one villain? Also who do you think should play Lex Luther?

·         Speaking of casting for movies, it appears as though that Marvel has hired Armie hammer and he is rumored to be in the running for Ant-Man, as he was seen on the Captain America: the Winter Soldier set. However, Marvel Studios has denied this rumor. Hmm, just like they claimed Thanos wouldn’t show in the post credits of the Avengers. What do you think? And if he isn’t going to play Ant-Man, who is he going to bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

·         Another actor who is in talks to play a superhero for Marvel studios is Vin Diesel. But who will he play? Many believe that he will portray Black Panther, Luke Cage, Vision or even Thanos. Who do you want to see Vin Diesel depict?

·         Green Goblin, Vulture and Black Cat are all rumored to be in the Amazing Spider-Man 2? Mr. Garfield will have to put in some work in this film if that is the case. Should this movie have five potential villains or do you think that these roles will all be cameos?

·         Nintendo has stated that Super Smash Bros. will not have all of the characters that were playable in Brawl due to release date constraints. It has been speculated by many fans that Ike, Toon Link, and Lucario will all bite the dust. While some people believe each of those characters are just going to swapped out for characters from their respective games, as Nintendo has done in the past, others believe that those roles are going to be dropped altogether.

·         It looks like Brad Pitts hard work has paid off as World War Z is a considered a success among both fans and critics alike. It has been announced that the sequel is now in works by paramount studios.

·         It looks as though that the PS4 will hit shelves before the Xbox One. A photo has been leaked revealing that the PS4 will be on shelves in Europe starting on November 13th.  This means that it will most definitely be released; earlier in the States as Sony has always released their PlayStations in the U.S. first.

·         Finally, Greg Pak’s Batman/Superman book has been released this week with issue#1. If you’re a fan of either one of these characters you must check this out because this book seems promising. The artwork is on the same level as the writing as Jae Lee has given us one of the most unique and visually interesting methods of storytelling I have seen to date.

So that’s this week’s News Snapshot, check in next week for some interesting stories. Like any of the stories I covered today? I am missing an important development? Leave your comments down below.

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