Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DC and Marvel Suit Up for the Television War!

With Marvel’s Agents of Shield coming to television this September, we see a new conflict arising between DC and Marvel comics. This rivalry between these two franchises was born in comics and then moved to animation, and is currently being fought in the realm of film with DC kicking off their cinematic universe with Man of Steel (review coming later).  Now we see that this competition has moved to live-action television. The CW’s first season of arrow was considered such a success that there were rumors floating around the internet that DC decided to create a DC televised universe. These rumors soon became somewhat true once news arrived that the CW was pushing forward with its new Wonder Woman show titled Amazon, as well as Eric Kripke’s (the creator of Supernatural) the Deadman, and that Sci-Fi has green lit a Booster Gold television show. Now the interesting thing about these developments is that there has been no news confirming that any of these planned shows will be tied to Arrow or to each other, but they are all DC and Warner Bros. properties. Do you think DC does not want to draw lines between these shows between they will more likely than not have opposing tones?  Should these three new TV shows be interconnected with arrow or should day all represent their own respective universes and honor the character that they are being created for? I guess only time will tell. Also, I find it interesting that Marvel has decided to make their Shield live-action television show connect to their cinematic universe. Many feel that by adding this TV show to their cinematic universe it will subtract from the greatness of those films. What do you guys think? Do you think that the Marvel universe will suffer from having a television show absorbing some of its material or do you think that having the show share a universe with the films will contribute to success of future films? Also what other characters would you like to see it show up on your screen at home?

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